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A resource for finding any stone circle or row in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales stats

We have changed servers to where the latest Megalith Map is now ready. This Tripod site will remain open as a mirror site.

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The Megalith Map
'A Wonderful Guide' - Michael Pollak, The New York Times

This map of Britain and Ireland, is divided into 100 kilometre squares. Locations of prehistoric stone circles and stone rows are indicated by the red dots. Click on a grid square to see that map sheet in greater detail. Many of the pages have links to images and text elsewhere on the web, making this a master index of stone circles and rows on the web.

Last Updated Autumn 1998

We have changed servers to where the latest Megalith Map is now ready. This Tripod site will remain open as a mirror site.

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The New York Times,  March 25, 1999

Extract from A Web Surfer's Guide to Ancient British Past by MICHAEL POLLAK

For those who want to start a tour, a wonderful guide is The Megalith Map, an index with the location of any known stone circle or row in the British Isles. All of Britain and Ireland are gridded: click on a map grid and you get little symbols for each site. Try Stonehenge, and you get not only the visual and textual geography, but also a list of 16 other Web sites with more information.


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